Primalcast is a podcast by guys - for guys! In this weekly podcast, Jeff & Allen discuss the essence of Christian faith and how it intersects with our current culture, families and relationships. We talk about life, addiction, recovery, cigars, Jesus, sex, hunting, marriage and sometimes about ourselves.
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Feb 25, 2017
Download this episode In this hard-hitting episode 33, Jeff & Allen talk about the concept of "Primal"  and the history that led them to where they are in life today, namely the White Bread culture they both found themselves in, and their resulting reaction to it. According to the Urban Dictionary, the term White Bread "implies profound cultural naïvete, blind consumerism, and an unquestioning "follower" mindset. Common trappings of the whitebread lifestyle include golf, Kenny G and Enya CDs, SUVs, an irrational fixation on lawn care, Golden Retrievers, nominally Christian religious beliefs, Old Navy clothing, moderate to conservative political views, bad Chardonnay, equally bad espresso, cookie-cutter houses, Bath & Body Works hygiene products, and very white-collar employment." Bad Chardonnay? Oh well... this back-story as told by Jeff and Allen seques into a conversation about community and accountability, and while the conversation briefly edges into some frank & explicit phrases, nothing here is meant to offend or insult. Please send us your feedback, and join the conversation by commenting below, commenting on our Facebook page, or emailing us a  And remember, you can find PrimalCast on iTunes, on Stitcher, on Google Play and soon... on iHeart Radio! Share us with your friends and family... talk to you soon!
Feb 20, 2017
Download this episode In episode 32 of PrimalCast, Jeff & Allen talk at length about what makes for good conversation, and explore the necessity of male friendships, while smoking cigars and shooting guns in the pasture. For the "In The Holster" segment, Allen shoots and gives a comprehensive review of the new KelTec Sub-2000 collapsible 9mm carbine. This is an outdoor adventure for certain, and one you will certainly want to share with your brothers, your men's group and your family. Join the conversation, and give us a shout on Facebook. PrimalCast can be found on iTunes, on Stitcher, and most recently, on Google Play!
Feb 7, 2017
Download this episode In this episode, Jeff & Allen introduce the topic and talk about being warriors - what it means to be a warrior and how to be a warrior. The subject came up after Jeff recently posted some videos on his website Primal Faith - and talked about how we like the idea of being a warrior much more than the actual battle. After Allen gives a brief summary of his trip to Lesotho, Africa last week, they talk at length about men as warriors. In the discussion, the corresponding topics of taking responsibility for our own actions and rites of passage (initiation) are brought into the conversation and Allen reads a portion of William Wordsworth's poem, Character of a Happy Warrior as they conclude by talking about purpose and our life's cause. Another installation of the  "In The Holster" segment is included in this episode 31, and is a conversation about a recent news reporter here in Florida and the concealed carry licenses issued in 2016. Don't miss it! Thanks for joining the conversation. You can send us email at, comment on this episode below, or give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook.